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Fat Coyote is a new literary arts publication that showcases the work of neurodivergent voices.

Our contributors are paid.

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Neurodivergent voices need to be heard, and a paywall will never stand between readers and our online content.

How the name “Fat Coyote” came about:

I drove through the Valles Caldera National Preserve at dawn. Sunlight broke over the mountains in my rearview mirror and cast the desert in a blood-orange glow. A coyote stepped into that glow from the sagebrush, her copper coat gleaming against the backdrop of pavement.

I eased onto the brakes, watching her as the distance closed between us. Her sheen, her girth, the way she thrived in the bone-dry summer desert surprised me. I might have pegged her as a wolf if it weren’t for the unmistakable slenderness of her snout and oversized ears. Perhaps she was a coywolf.

She looked at me – not at my car or around my car, but through the windshield and into my eyes. Our gaze held as she took a few graceful strides, and then she disappeared southward into the low desert brush.

I think of this coyote encounter often. I think of the coyotes that roam the Alaskan wilderness, tallgrass prairieland, soft-rolling Appalachians, peat swamp forests and urban centers. I am often nostalgic for my childhood home near a pond that would draw yipping coyotes at first dark. Coyotes exist all around us even when we don’t notice them.

This online journal (and future print publication) is named for that Valles Caldera coyote. May we be seen. May we be heard. May we thrive wherever we may be.

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Catherine Dartez

Section Editor (visual arts):
Lainey Tipton

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