The FAQ will be updated frequently during the publication’s early stages. Do you have a question that is not addressed below? Email us at fat_coyote@outlook.com.

FAQ content:
Publishing Rights
Submission Responses
Children’s submissions

Publishing Rights

All authors/artists will be contacted upon their work’s acceptance and asked to confirm consent for The Fat Coyote’s publication of their work.

All rights revert back to the author/artist upon the print publication’s release slated for December 2021. We will consider exceptions for excerpts from longer works slated for earlier publication.

Submission Responses

Receipt confirmation: You should receive a confirmation that your submission was received within 3 business days.

Rejection and acceptance response times: Response times will generally vary between 30 and 120 days, but delays or unforeseen circumstances sometimes arise. If you haven’t heard anything back by day 119, you are welcome to send us a nudge for a status update.

An extra note about rejections: If you’re new to sending your work to literary publications, keep heart! Rejections are what all writers and artists face, no matter how successful they become or how skilled they are. I have won three awards for my work, both national and local, and I’m far more likely to receive a rejection response than an acceptance response. Stephen King used his rejections to fuel his resolve: he would pin them on his wall and keep writing. Rejections are part of the gig. While continuous learning and improvement in our craft is a life-long endeavor, rejections should not dissuade us from the pursuit. If there’s one thing that is certain for us, it’s this: We’ll never be published if we never submit.

Children’s Submissions

We have already received inquiries about parents or guardians submitting on behalf of their children. There are a few important things to note about children’s submissions:

Literary publication: The print publication is slated for literary work. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of children being published in this particular run, but it does impose standards. We are actively pursuing options for showcasing promising work from children, but we aren’t there, yet.

Response times: We may take slightly longer to respond to submissions involving children’s work for two reasons. First, this is a new publication and we are working out a plan for how to effectively include their work. Second, we believe rejections for a child must be handled differently from rejections for the general pool.

Rejections: Children’s rejections will include positive feedback and praise without exception. This requires extra time on our part, but it is worth it. We want children feel encouraged, invigorated in their pursuits, and welcome in the field of their choosing.

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